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My name is Francesco Corucci, I was born in Pisa the 2nd August, 1988. I achieved a MEng and BEng in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa (Italy), and I am now a PhD fellow in BioRobotics at the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, working under the supervision of Prof. Cecilia Laschi and Prof. Paolo Dario. I am developing part of my research activity at the Research Centre on Marine Robotics and Sea Technologies of the BioRobotics Institute, located in Livorno.

Previously I worked at the PERCRO lab (PERCeptual Robotics and virtual environments, TeCIP Institute, also belonging to the Scuola), first as a trainee, then as a Research Collaborator. In this context I worked on autonomous robots for demolitions. Some thematics I had to deal with are: 3D perception in unstructured environments, robotic planning and control, HRI for industrial scenarios, paradigms for apprenticeship learning.

Before that, during my BEng studies, I worked for a short period in the field of Wireless Sensor and Actuators Networks for smart buildings.

For me research is first of all trying to answer my deepest questions. My biggest curiosities are related to the emergence of intelligence and cognition in living beings. I also have strong interest in understanding and translating some of the underlying processes into artificial systems. Particularly, I am deeply fascinated by the power and the incredible products of natural evolution. My ultimate "dream" is to make robots more and more similar to biological creatures, exhibiting complex, effective, life-like, emergent behaviors.

My recent work falls inbetween the fields of evolutionary robotics, embodied intelligence, soft-robotics and bio-inspired underwater locomotion.

Current position and activities:

  • PhD Fellow in BioRobotics
  • ACM Student Member, member of the Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (SIGEVO)
  • Teaching assistant for the Robotics class, MSc in Computer Science, University of Pisa, Italy. In this context I teach lessons and follow student projectual activities related to evolutionary robotics.
  • Founder of EVARK ™ © - Digital and Evolutionary Architecture [link], an interdisciplinary team of engineers and architects working in the field of hi-tech digital architecture. We recently got a special mention from investors in a competition of hi-tech ideas in the context of the Tuscan Startup Academy.


  • M.Eng. in Computer Engineering (summa cum laude, within the "Excellence Program", best GPA of the class) from University of Pisa (May 2013) - Curriculum in Embedded Systems and Industrial Informatics
  • B.Eng. in Computer Engineering (summa cum laude) from University of Pisa (October 2010)
  • High school scientific diploma, Liceo Scientifico U. Dini, Pisa (100/100)


  • BEng MEng degrees achieved summa cum laude, best GPA of the class
  • Master degree achieved within the "Excellence Program in Computer Engineering"

Other References:


 In my free time I practice freediving and apnea (breatholding) with Apnea Academy and the Centro Sub Pisa. This is a sport I am deeply passionate about, mixing my love for the water and the sea with a challenging physical and mental training. I also love listening and playing music: I have been playing the bass guitar for quite a few years and, more recently, the drums.


Selected Publications:

  • F. Corucci, M. Calisti, H. Hauser, C. Laschi "Shaping the body to shape the behavior: a more active role of the morphology in the brain-body trade-off", 13th European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL 2015) in York, United Kingdom, 20-24 July 2015 [paper]
  • F. Corucci, M. Calisti, H. Hauser, C. Laschi, "Evolutionary discovery of self-stabilized dynamic gaits for a soft underwater legged robot",  17th International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR2015), July 27-31, Istanbul, Turkey [paper]
  • F. Corucci, M. Calisti, H. Hauser, C. Laschi, "Novelty-based evolutionary design of morphing underwater robots", will be presented at the upcoming Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO), July 11-15 2015, Madrid, Spain - Best paper award nomination [paper]
  • M. Calisti, F. Corucci, A. Arienti, C. Laschi, "Bipedal walking of an octopus-inspired robot", Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, Living Machines 2014 - Springer Lectures Notes in Artificial Intelligence [paper]
  • V. Cacucciolo*, F. Corucci*, M. Cianchetti, C. Laschi, "Evolving optimal swimming in different fluids: a study inspired by batoid fishes", (* equal contribution), Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, Living Machines 2014 - Springer Lectures Notes in Artificial Intelligence [papervideo]
  • M. Calisti, F. Corucci, A. Arienti, C. Laschi, "Dynamics of underwater legged locomotion: modeling and experiments on an octopus-inspired robot"Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 10.4 (2015): 046012. [paper]
  • A. Arienti, F. Giorgio-Serchi, M. Calisti, M. Giorelli, F. Corucci, C. Laschi, "Design, modeling and identification of a soft-bodied unmanned underwater vehicle" (Journal paper, under review)
  • F. Corucci, E. Ruffaldi, "Toward autonomous robots for demolitions in unstructured environments", proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Padova 15-19 July 2014 (to appear in the Springer-Verlag Intelligent Systems and Computing Series) [papervideo]
  • F. Corucci, G. Anastasi, F. Marcelloni, "A WSN-based Testbed for Energy Efficiency in Buildings" Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2011), Corfu, Greece, June 28 – July 1, 2011. [paper]
  • G. Anastasi, F. Corucci, F. Marcelloni, "An Intelligent System for Electrical Energy Management in Buildings" Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA 2011), Córdoba, Spain, November 22-24, 2011. [paper]
M.Eng. thesis: "Robotic perception and control for a demolition task in unstructured environments" [link]

B.Eng. thesis: "Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks for energy efficiency in buildings"