The BioRobotics Institute devotes specific efforts in the dissemination of the scientific results and in the captivation of not-scientific audience. With this regards, the institute participates in several international divulgation events, and it offers several specific courses addressed to primary, secondary and high schools. The Local Educational Laboratory on Robotics, has been developed by the BioRobotics Institute in collaboration with local Municipalities and a network of primary and secondary schools in the Valdera area of Tuscany. These activities are associated to a pact called “Agreement for the Education of the Community” that has been signed on November 2010 by Unione Valdera, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Rete Costellazioni, Pont-Tech and the Municipality of Pisa, in order to encourage the creation of an integrated training system to improve education in public schools. The Laboratory on Robotics is part of Institute efforts to actively participate in the scientific and technological education of young generations, starting from school age. The laboratory is based on the deployment of robotics, in its several manifestations, in teaching activities. The choice of Robotics is not accidental in fact the economy of the Valdera area relies heavily on technologies.

The collaboration with schools continues with specific events carried by individual laboratories. In particular, the Research Centre on Sea Technologies and Marine Robotics, located at the Scoglio della Regina in Livorno, has undertaken, since the 2011, collaborations with schools to support projects of school/work integration, which ensure the acquisition of technical and professional skills with a high level of specialization. Through theoretical and practical sessions, the students take the entire research process: from the identification of the scientific problem, to the implementation of a prototype that proves the operational hypothesis. In addition to understanding the work of the researcher, and acting as researchers for a very short term, students reinforce the foundations studied in their school courses, ensuring the effective use of notions often transmitted only in theoretical form.

Finally , the Institute of biorobotics is proud to have organized and hosted in mid- April 2014 , the RoboCup Junior competition, which saw more than 70 teams from different institutions face each other in robotics challenges, where the important thing is not winning but to learn!